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Sorry for the late posting, I was busy with the new start of my life well it told me that a new start is not always good enough it’s true when I first went to work there were many things that I didn’t know that it could be happing in industry. It’s been said that life is not too easy to live in if you have too much money or too much knowledge it won’t give you that happiness you want but if you have both money and knowledge then you will get everything in your life. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne it’s the secret to achieve the thing in which you can convert your negative energy to positive energy.

If you see it in your mind, you’re going to hold it in your hand - Bob Proctor

If you dream of something and then you run behind it by using your brain I’m sure that you will be able to achieve it adequately, once I had a dream which is becoming true I’m really happy that I waited a long time as well as patient so that I can achieve my goals. Currently, I have achieved 20% of my dream and I’m sure that I will surely achieve the rest 80% of my dream all I need is your support and blessing from you all and from all that I will be able to achieve my goal. My mother always uses to say to me when I was young and still now she says that sentence to me whenever I’m tensed or confused.

Be calm everything will be fine, why do think negative think positive. getting angry will just give you satisfaction for a few seconds but after that, you will experience the worst due to your wrong decision taken when you were angry.

It’s been said that D is not far from Anger to become Danger so always be calm and think positive it will help you in your life to achieve your achievements. Knowledge os only one thing which will help you to survive on this planet, less knowledge is not good also having too much knowledge is not good because if you have less knowledge then you won’t be able to have what you want and same as for having more knowledge means to get tension, workload and much more, so you should have balance in your life of knowledge and wealth.



The place where I right now I’m working is really good but also there is too much difficult to work with one single move and you’re dead. The industry is the second place of politics where many people have become ritual and sacrifice themselves for different kind of reasons I will not be mentioning my company so that there is no conflict for me and no harm to the company’s reputations. There are many things to learn in the industry to survive and maintain your position and not also that if by chance you found someone in the industry who is capable of improving your skills and also tell you that this is wrong, do is this way, helps you our in your work then I will just tell you one thing learn as much as you can from that person and if he shouts on you then ask him when he settles down that what was my problem that made you soo much angry and shout on me in front of all of the room so that I can not repeat that mistake or change the way so that no one gets hurts.

I also got scolding by my mentor for not giving proper answer say for example my mentor asked me what will be the price of the website, I started explaining to him everything this much amount for making site this much amount for hosting server etc. so he got angry on me and said I didn’t ask you what will be the cost of this and this and this, I asked you what will price of the website where I didn’t ask you a price for individual things I asked you for the total price of website it means everything included in it so that it’s important to understand that question and replay according to that. Hearing is also a skill which we have to make it perfect so that it may help you in any way in industries as well as different kind of places which you have never been through.


Getting frustrated is a natural habit where if someone ask you same question or say one and one thing repeatedly, even i also get frustrated many times but i try to control my anger(you know about anger and danger) and it helped me out many times, if you can control your anger then you can win on the further person who is getting angry on you if you do this two or three times then automatically that person will talk politely with you and try to understand you even he will ask you many times that Dont you feel angry or taking revenge on me. this same happened with me when i was in collage one of me mentor asked me that your friends are teasing you all the times and your just standing there and smiling like a shameless fellow and i replied gently Teacher, how much you explain to monkey not to jump or you can train him till your hearts content at the end he will jump no matter how much hard you trained him so it mean that some people are like dogs tails which will never be straitened if you burry it in ground or apply plaster to it the will be who they are. Now you must be the thing that how can we change them? how can we make them realize that the thing which your doing is wrong?


There are millions of ways to win in chess and also there are Quintilian moves to solve Rubik’s cube so it means that there millions of ways to tell them and realize that your wrong the best way is to speak politely and make them understand what wrong did they did or if they did this to someone then what will be the effect of it and also make them feel guilty so that they never repeat the same mistake and think many times before saying to someone. I have encountered many people in my life who were too much impolite and who never try to understand anything which I say to them but you know that action is equal to reaction if you tried your best to make him understand and has no reaction then leave it to karma and karma will put him in a situation like that he will feel guilty and will realize that what he was doing to others is wrong.

In industry you will learn the biggest lesson of your life which will either change your life or the opposite, yesterday was my first day to the vendor and there you won’t believe a miracle happened the thing which my mentor was been doing for a year he gave me to do it and I did it properly and even it was best for me I will not disclose in which company I’m or what kind of work it was but it was amazing which lead to tiredness to me but I’m happy with where are I am and I just need your blessing so that I don’t do anything wrong and always help other as much as I can.


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