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New Start

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We all know that life is unstable, unaccepted things can happen we don’t know what will happen until it arrives, there is a saying from my teaching from which is the truth of life.

Life take the exam first and then teaches you, whereas for school it teaches first then take the test, but children don’t take life lightly because when life takes exam first and then teaches you and when your prepare for first exam life takes exam for the second one.

It true still remember those words from my teacher. She uses to always say to us that we should be happy with what we have even a little bit don’t ever say that I don’t have this or that be happy with what is there in your life. When I was in school I use to make mischief soo much but at the same time, we use to listen to our teachers also, truth to say my scores were not that much compare to other students even I was lazy in writing notes when I come into college I thought that it will be easy and all the joy, fun, going out with friends and have lots of enjoyment(according to movies and listing form others too) as soon as I entered in the first year of college I was really happy😍 that I’m free I can do whatever I want to do but I was wrong πŸ™… who knew that there was soo many assignments to write and not also that it was given 1 week before submission and sometimes before few days. We all went to sir and talked with them for extending the date of submission sometimes unity work and sometimes opposite(it may happen with you if you’re in the Engineering sector and not also that it’s been said that jokes are only made on engineering students, not on medical students - I leave this decision up to you)


Sometimes I fell soo much frustration and anger that just blast whole education system which is been made, one side its helpful for all students and on the other hand’s partiality is been done I don’t want to say what partiality is been done for yours and my safety and even you have experienced it also, this will be continued until there is a huge change in the education system. Our society has many faults which are been create by us and faculty also higher authorities officers, first, we have to change due to our change teachers and other higher authorities will change their perspective, if we don’t change ourselves then how can we change other by talking. I have many difficulties in collage due to communication language, also I lived in a hostel at a place where nearly about 12-13 km was a forest with no road and there was only one road which connected to city and college and its timing was 5:00 am to 11:00 pm and you know that if you stay in college hostel then there are soo many processes for getting leave pass. I was stuck in a situation where I felt guilt for being in college, that time I was been teenager so its been natural to fall in love with a beautiful, gorgeous, and smart too, but my bad luck my brother fall in love and I was bodyguard protecting them from others catching them πŸ˜₯(the worst pain ever felt in the history😭).

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